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Date Discription Book-Paper-Magazine
11-03-2021 For Hopster Craf Beer Magazine I wrote a column about the Stichting Erfgoed Nederlandse biercultuur, the innovations from brewers during the pandomic and how I became a part of the Dutch beerscene. Hopster
04-04-2020 Column in the dutch beermagazine Bier! about the three years aniversary of the Stichting Efgoed Nederlandse Biercultuur Bier!
01-07-2019 The english book "Brewed for Taste" shows some scans from my collection SendPoints Publishing
07-05-2017 Article in a free dutch paper for the Week of the Dutch beers 2017 Weekvanhetnederlandsebier
07-04-2017 The book "Wat je als bierliefhebber moet weten" Fiona de Lange
Karakter Uitgevers
25-03-2017 In the fourth edition the Dutch beermagazine "Schuim" information about my collection beerlabels from beers i tasted myself. Schuimmagazine.nl
17-12-2016 Announcement regional magazine of Groningen about language and culture. taolentaiken.nl
11-06-2016 Announcement in the local newspaper of the first editon of an organised beerwalk through my hometown Groningen. dvhn.nl
13-05-2016 In the first number of the Dutch beermagazine "Schuim" information about brewery Barbarossa and my website was one of the sources. Schuimmagazine.nl
03-05-2016 Article the local free dutch paper for the Week of the Dutch beers 2016 Weekvanhetnederlandsebier
01-10-2015 Article in Geografie, a geographic magazine for the Netherlands. Title of the article 'Bierrevolution in the Netherkand' and written by antroplogist Stefan Barendse Geografie.nl
15-05-2015 Article the local free dutch paper for the Week of the Dutch beers 2015 Weekvanhetnederlandsebier
27-02-2015 Article by Martijn Buisman (Dutchbeerpages.com) in the local magazine "de Groene Venen" De Groene Venen
29-01-2014 Article at Dutchbeerpages.com of course also about about my 10.000th beer (English) Dutchbeerpages.com
30-11-2013 Article in the Swedish beermagazine "Malteser" with a special about the Nederlands and info about my beermap of the Nederlands. Maltesen.se
27-09-2013 Another artikel (in dutch) about my 10.000th label of tasted beer; Tsjuster at Biernet.nl Biernet.nl
26-09-2013 AArticle at Biermagazine.nl (in dutch) about my 10.000th label of tasted beer; Tsjuster Biermagazine.nl
26-09-2013 Article at Bierblog.nl (in dutch) about my 10.000th label of tasted beer; Tsjuster Fiona de Lange - Bierblog.nl
31-05-2013 Breweryguide Netherlands, 165 Dutch breweries, the brewers and the beers Birdy Publishing
00-12-2012 Article in the BAV-journal 06-2012 written by myself: New Dutch breweries on the map. BAV-journaal
00-04-2012 Article in the Mitra Magazine (a dutch liquor store, Autumn 2012, by Fiona de Lange: The dutch beerculture is alive. In this article my dutch beermap. Mitra Magazine
16-04-2012 Breweryguide Netherlands, 123 Dutch breweries, the brewers and the beers Birdy Publishing
19-12-2011 Article in the regional paper "Dagblad van het Noorden" about the 2nd Pint Noord Christmas and Winter Beerfestival in Hoogeveen. Dagblad van het Noorden
13-09-2011 In "Bier!", the beermagazine in the Netherlands an article from Willem Verboom about brewery Barbaros-
sa from Groningen. The images are from my collection
Bier !
28-11-2010 This time no article in a paper but the presentation of the book "25 years brewery 't IJ in Amsterdam. Scans from my labels were used in this book. Brouwerij 't IJ
13-10-2010 Article in the regional paper "Dagblad van het Noorden" after I'de been asked to answer a few short questions. Dagblad van het Noorden
20-09-2010 Article with a short interview about my collection made at the international beercollectors meeting from the BAV in Uden. Brabants Dagblad
02-08-2008 Article in the Australian collectorsmagazine about labology, the collecting of beerlabels. In this article by Dennis Coleman on page 3 more about my colletion. Collectables Magazine Australia
23-04-2008 Article in the Weekkrant (Groningen) about my beer-
labelcollection and the Gronings beer.
Weekkrant (Editie Groningen)
27-04-2006 Article in Number 1, the neighbourhood paper for Selwerd and Paddepoel (Groningen), about my collection. Nummer 1. Wijkkrant voor Selwerd en Paddepoel
01-10-2003 German beerbook, they used my collection as source for the listed non-german beers (dutch and german) Naumann & Goebel
1000 Biere aus aller Welt
02-06-2003 Article about my brewery Barbarossa pages De Helper Bel
Wijkkrant Helpman
06-08-2002 Article in "the Loeks" about my collection. Loeks
05-04-2001 Article from Eddy Schaank about our collections (also the teabags). Nieuwsblad van het Noorden
01-09-2000 Webgids Computer Idee Autumn 2000
Guide describing the best internet sites.
00-00-1998 Small anouncement on the internet-page. Groninger Gezinsbode