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Brewed for Taste - ISBN: 978-988-79283-6-2

At the end of 2018 i did get a requist from Guangzhou in China id i wanted to contribute in a new book about the history of beerlabels. In the mail wit publisher Sendpoint it turned out that it would be a special book. The accent would be on the grafic designs of some bieerlabels and some breries in particular. If i could send som scand from my collection on internet. Of course that was no problem. I used mainly scans from labels in the beginning of my colklection, around the year 1985.
How the publisher ould use the scans in the book was a big question for me. Until april of this year. The I got a selection of the first prints as an pdf. They look very prommising and of course i couldn't wait to see the final result. There it was, in the beginning of juli, a great book about beerlabels. After an introduction of about 50 pages with the histori, different themes the book shows around 50 breweries from all over the world and there beerlabels. You might say the choice of the breweries and there labels was great. You'll find a lot of great grafic designed beerlabels in this book.
If your interested in grafics, our in beerlabels, or both of course, this book should be in your collection. Not because of my smalll contribution, Brewed for Taste with its 352 pages is great to reed. Brewed for Tate can be ordered at Without the shipping cost the price is 29,95 pounds, about 33,00 euro.