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Credits for family, friends, colleagues, other collectors etc.

Because of the fact that I get lots of beers from family, friends, colleagues, other collectors and even breweries I try to make a page with info off all the beers I got from/through others. I started this site at august the first 2002.
I even got a mail from the Lion Brewery in Sri Lanka. They wanted to know how to get listed on my site. By answering that I only add beers I tasted myself they send me two bottles of there beers for free. The Policka Brewery from the Czech republic even send me all there four beers for free to get mentioned at my website. That became more and more. You can find the links of theese breweries at this page: credits breweries.
If there are other breweries who also want to get listed at my hompepage please mail me. I got over 30.000 visitors a year! When I get free beers from your brewery I list you on this site with a banner referring to your homepage.

list of credits

03-2024 Arjen Komdeur As usual some beers from new breweries were delivered by Arjan.
  Jack Kleefman my collegea Jack always brings back beers from new dutch breweries from his holliday destination in the Netherlands.
2023 Arjen Komdeur Also in this update beers from a lot of new dutch breweries where provided by Arjen
  BAV members I exchanged al lot of beers from new dutch breweries with several members of the BAV
01-2023 Arjen Komdeur Again a lot of the beers from the new Dutch breweries were exchanged with Arjen.
  Nick & Evelien De Italian beers I got from Nick and Evelien after there Italian hollidays.
01-2023 Joran & Felice De beers From Ouwe Skilder Brouwerij I got, after a great search at, from Joran after there stay at Texel.
04, 07 and 10-2022 Arjen Komdeur A lot of the beers from new Dutch breweries were exchanged with Arjen
01 2022 Arjan Jongeneel Arjan brought some beers from the region South-Holland to Groningen in exchange forcoasters from Groningen.
  Arold Derix Most of the beers from Tilburg were send by Arold.
  Arjen Komdeur And of course again a lot of new beers Arjen did bring back to Groningen.
10 2021 Arjen Komdeur As usual, also in this updates some beers from Arjen. He found some new Dutch breweries for my collection.
  Jos Walstra Jos did find some very speciale Italian Beers
  Evelien&Nick The French beers I got from Evelien en Nick after there holliday stay in France.
  Arnoud van Staveren The beers from other new breweries came from Arnoud.
  Felix Groenewoud I did get some beers from the new Frisian breweries from Felix.
07 2021 Arjen Komdeur In this update again beers from new dutch breweries where provided by Arjen