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Statistics tasted beers

In the tables on this page some facts about my labelcollection self tasted beers.
There are top 10 lists from the beers and brewerys by country and the amount of tasted beers every year.
The amount of beers and breweries from a specific country can be found in the list by continent. Therefore you can use the button "Labelcollection" in the left menu .

So far there are beers from 118 countries in my collection. Bhutan is the 118th country in my collection.

Top 10 amount breweries by country
Nr Name Brewery Type Country Alc% Inh
1 Ice Ice Baby Batches brewey Overige Ned 21.0 0.330
1 Tokyo Brewdog Brew Crimond Stout Gbr 18.2 0.330
2 Croocked Moon Tattoo Mikkeler Kopenhagen Stout Den 16.5 0.750
3 Weer & Wind Bourbon BA De Molen Bodegraven Overige Ned 16.2 0.330
4 Westerwolder Eisbock Brouwerij Westerwolde Overige Ned 15.0 0.330
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