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Webguide Computeridee september 2000

In the first webguide from the Dutch computermagazine Computer Idee there was a short discription from my homepage in the catagory "Food and Drinks". The editorial says "More tha a biljon homepage are available with a mouseclick. The amount is increasing quickly. Its nice to see this huge amount of websites, but if your searching for items you want quality in stead of quantity. Thats why we present this webspecial and did select over 1200 websites. Its a complete magazine with the best there is on the internet today."

The entry in this magazine was for me, as maker of this website of course a great compliment and a confirmation, in addition to the many visitors and their reactions, the sense of writing about my collection.
The conclusion "Passionate page of a beer freak true for other true beer freaks" shows that there is sufficient need for my "Database" to use.