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Breweryguide Netherlands 04-2012

Breweryguide Netherlands, 123 Dutch breweries, the brewers and there beers. This guide was published for the first time in april 2012 by Birdy Publishing, publisher from the Bier! magazine
In the Netherlands there were 123 breweries at that moment (including the brewery tennents). This amount isn't actual anymore because since that moment a few new breweries already started and unfortuanetly also a brewery had to close. The guide shows you were you can find the breweries, if and when they are open for public, if there is a possibility for a tour and more. At the website of Bier! you can find hou you can purchase the guide.

Because of the fact that I host a map with all the active Dutch breweries on my website I've been asked to help out to share all my info on excisting and starting breweries in the Netherlands. Together with the KBC (small brewers association) we mail weekly facts about starting (and closing) breweries in the Netherlands. You'd be surprised how many small breries started the last few months. By helping out I can manage to keep my own map on the internet up to date at all times.

The guide