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In the first number of the new Dutch Beermagazine Schuim there is an article in a serie of beer related streetnames in the Netherlands by Simon Cordes and illustrated by Bas Duijst.

The kickoff was about the Moltplaats in my hometown Groningen. The Molplaats was created after the demolishment of the builings fromn Brewery Keizer Barbarossa in the late 60's . So the Moltplaats a sidoroad of the Helperkerkstraat, where you can still find the only left Barbarossa building (where the administration was located).

The artile is a nice essay about the history of the N.V. Vereenigde Bierrouwerijen Barbarossa in Groningen. Some input for this story came from my website about Barbarossa. If you want to find out more about the situation as it is now have a look at Google Streetview. Your standing in the Helperkerkstraat and facing to the Moltplaats. The white building and the big tree are the only things that remind to this old Dutch brewery.

On the map below you'll find the exact location of the Moltplaats in Groningen.