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Map with active Dutch breweries in the province Flevoland

Because of the huge amount of (new) Dutch breweries i'll show them on a map off the Netherlands. I devided them by province in order to get a better overview. Click on a logo to open the brewery page with brewery info and the labels of the beers i tasted from the brewery.

  Province Flevoland

Almere - Bolschout, De Almeerse Brouwerij Almere - Brouwerij Bluswater Almere - Duin Brouwerij Almere - Brouwerij de Kemphaan Almere - Lignum Craft Beer Almere - Brouwerij Stijl Bant - Boeren Brouwers Biddinghuizen - Bema Bier Dronten - Brouwerij Artemis Dronten - Pragt Brouwerij Lelystad - Stadsbrouwerij Cornelis Nagele - Kaparus bierbrouwerij