My name is Harry Pinkster (1960). I live in the north of the Netherlands, in the city of Groningen. I collect beer bottles from all over the world since 1983.
I don't keep the empty bottles because of the space it takes, but remove every label from the bottle. The labels go in one of the seventy-two special beer albums I've got.
There is one restriction; I always have to drink the beer myself. There are friends who give me empty bottles or just labels. In that case the beer does not become a part of my collection. Nearly all the beer labels of the over 12000 tasted beers are scanned and online.
Just click on the name of the beer to see the label.

At the right you see the 5000th and 10.000th beer label in my collection of beers I tasted. The 5000th beer was from the Groningse Stadsbrouwerij. And the 10.000th labels in my collection was a beer speacially brewed by the Berghoeve Brewery. I live in Groningen,in the north of the Netherlands. Unfortunately, most beers are brewed in the southern part of my country and so most of the beer activities are miles away.
There are about 400 breweries in the Netherlands (including the contract breweries) these days, and a few of them are in the northern part.

Did you know that there are over 3000 Dutch beers in my collection? If you want to see a part of it just use the button "Beerlabel collection" in the menu at the left.

Also on my website a map of the Netherlands with all the active Dutch breweries. Just click on the logo at the right.

5000e etiket in mijn verzameling

Nice to know:

Now 12.688 different labels of tasted beers from 115 countries.
In this laste update from 01-04-2017:
- 84 new labels from 9 countries. New beers >>
- Beer from Burkina Faso , the 114th country in my collection.
- Beer from 2 new Dutch brewery added on my website.
- Also news about the latest breweries in my hometown Groningen
- 5 new Dutch breweries added at my map with all the active
   Dutch Breweries.

Latest News

Amstel Ongefilterd (NED)At the left one of the latest labels in my collection: Amstel Ongefilterd. Ther bigger Dutch breweries are trying some new beers as well. In the lager dominated beermarket an unfiltrated beer should be something special according to Heineken after the release of Amstel and Brand unfilterred lager.

I added some new material from brewery Barbarossa, a closed brewery in Groningen, and made a new page with old bottles I have from this brewery.
I also added a page with all the coasters from this brewery, closed in the sixties. More >>>

There are still a few active dutch breweries where I didn't taste any beer so far. In this update the list became a bit longer because there are again e few new breweries in the Netherlands. The wanted breweries are listed on this special site. More >>>

Updated on this site is the interactive map with all the active Dutch breweries.

Besides the labels from self tasted beers I collect every item from the breweries (including the closed) in my hometown Groningen. This website is completely restyled in june 2014. More >>>

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